Three Big Reasons Why Most Businesses Fail – And It’s Not The Lack Of Funding!

August 20, 2016

Many years ago, I approved to alpha a storefront business. Actually, I approved to alpha a agglomeration of businesses through out the years. But this accurate business was it! I anticipation of a able name, had a aide architecture a logo, and again I bought inventory. I’m clearly in business, so I thought! I was aflame and accessible to alpha my business. I even started searching at offices to run my business.

I had everything: Enthusiasm, confidence, admiration and a lot of of all, a abundant abstraction that was a abiding abiding aisle to success and riches. This time.

I started an E-bay bead address business. I was affairs sports paraphernalia. Everything was traveling great. I was affairs online writing clay bargain from a barn and affairs them on e-bay at a appealing nice profit. However, I did not accept a plan. All I apperceive is that I capital to accomplish a lot of money – fast.

I did not annual for the amount of shipping. I did not annual for shipment costs for altered areas of the country and for the admeasurement of the boxes in which I mailed the products. This ultimately concluded by bead address business forth with added abrupt costs,

But those weren’t the capital affidavit I went of business. The three capital acumen my business and a lot of added businesses shut down is – abridgement of vision, affairs and goals.


Vision is a bright account of area you wish your business to go. For example, your vision could be that you wish your business to abound from one abundance to four food in 10 years if you’re active an offline business. If you’re active an online business, your eyes is to accomplish abundant money to be able to alpha an online business academy to advice added disturbing marketers.

Vision helps you and your business accept something to strive toward. Your eyes is a map to adviser you on your business journey. If you accept a vision, you accept a clearer a back why you do what you do and annihilation that does not advice you ability your vision, you should not pursue.


Goals are specific milestones that helps you get afterpiece to your vision. Goals are specific, accessible and they accept a borderline absorbed to them. I should accept one added additive for a goal. It should accept action!

Your goals should aswell be measurable, arduous but realistic. Setting a ambition that says I wish to accomplish 1 millions dollars in three months is a ambition but unrealistic. A bigger ambition is I wish to accomplish 1 actor dollars in my business in one year by application online and offline business strategies such as giving out business cards, active abandoned ads and announcement online writing on my website and e-zines.

It is important to address your goals down. accumulate them in foreground of you at all times. This will accumulate you focused and will advice you not lose afterimage of your goal(s). As time goes by, you may accept to reevaluate your goals depending on how situations change. It’s OK to set new goals. Businesses do it all the time. But you accept to accumulate your goals.

Because starting a business requires so abundant commitment, time and focus, it’s acceptable to bless afterwards accomplishing a goal. Celebrating renews your spirit and gives you the activity to accumulate going,

In the bible, even God acclaimed his achievements. He created the sky and he said that was good, He created the baptize and the fowl of the air he said that was good. And on the six day he created man and he said that was good. On the seventh day, he rested.

We should accept the aforementioned aesthetics if architecture our businesses.


Plans are a foundation for allowance you accomplish your goals. As the old adage goes, people don’t plan to fail, they abort to plan. Although abortion is not necessarily a bad thing, you should strive to abort as fast as accessible so you can move on to success. What this agency is that you’re traveling to accomplish mistakes. Accomplish the baby mistakes aboriginal so you can apprentice from them. And use what you abstruse from those accomplished mistakes to succeed.

Just like you charge a dejected book to body your house, you charge a dejected book for your business. The dejected book for your business. The dejected book for your business is your business plan. Here is what you charge to cover in your business plan:

  • Who is your ambition market?
  • What will we advertise (Be specific)?
  • What makes us altered from the competition?

You don’t accept to address a two page business affairs to cover taxes, credit, inventory, receivables, etc. like your acceptable offline business but you charge a abbreviate appellation and continued appellation plan, plan of activity to accomplish your goals and your business strategies.

I would like your ascribe to what it takes to alpha and sustain a business. Provide acknowledgment on my Facebook and cheep page. Also, leave comments on my blog page. Look advanced to audition from you!